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    Super Pet Treat Dispensing Pear Dog Toy

    β‚Ή 399.00
    β‚Ή 299.00

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    • Engaging Play for Every Pet: Elevate playtime with our versatile dog toys suitable for small, medium dogs, puppies and cats.
    • Squeaky Carrot Amusement: The squeaky carrot toy delivers audible joy, captivating curious pets with its engaging squeaks.
    • Treat Dispensing Carrot: Fill the treat-dispensing pear with treats, making playtime a rewarding challenge for your furry friend.
    • Soft Teething Relief: The soft textures offer teething puppies relief while also being gentle on the teeth of medium-sized dogs and other pets.
    • Chewable Health: These toys promote dental health by aiding in teeth and gum cleaning as your pets enjoy satisfying chew sessions.
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