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    IQ Treat Ball - Teeth Cleaning Squeaky Sound Toy (Medium)

    β‚Ή 299.00
    β‚Ή 249.00

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    • Perfect for interaction with your dog: This toy distracts the dog from his or her extra energy and leaves him or her with no time to destroy things around the house. Your Dog will not feel lonely and boring anymore.
    • Healthy and funny: The dog toy ball will clean your dog's teeth and keep it healthy. The toy slows down feeding to help aid with digestion and bloating.
    • A great gift for dogs: When they are alone at home, they will feel very lonely and bored. Perfect dog toys should be engaging enough to keep your dog away from making mess. Your pet will love this soft rubber dog toy.
    • In different directions and different speed can change volume.
    • The ball can not only help pet take exercise and develop its intelligence quotient.
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