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    IndiHopShop Knotted Cotton Rope Bone Teeth Cleaning and Chewing Toy for Dogs

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    About this item

    • Usage: This dog rope toy serves various purposes. It can be used as a dog teeth cleaning product to remove any tartar or buildup on the teeth, as a dog playing fetch toy and as a chew toy for dogs to prevent his urge to chew or bite things.
    • Features: This attractive dog rope toy is super interactive for your pet and you can spend quality time bonding together while playing with it. The bright multiple colors included in the dog rope toy is sure to capture your pet's attention and the rope toy makes it all the more durable to withstand even the most aggressive chews.
    • Material: The multicolor dog rope toy is made from cotton and polyester fibres which are intertwined together for additional shine, strength and added durability. The material is safe and non-toxic and comfortably releases stress and anxiety from your dog.
    • The cotton rope toys is made from eco-friendly, washable, cotton material. They are natural, non-toxic and absolutely safe for your pet, no peculiar smell, no plastic or rubber is used, will not hurt the teeth or gums of your pet.
    • These toys will keep your pet entertained & occupied
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