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    Bioline Dental Care Set for Dogs

    β‚Ή 499.00
    β‚Ή 429.00

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    • Natural and organic dental toothpaste 100g with toothbrush in mint flavor. dog toothpaste can be used with finger or with dog toothbrush to clean teeth.
    • Dog dental kit. It will help to remove or minimize worse smell from pet's mouth. It is rubbing type.
    • Helpful in: tooth decay, breath and prevent bacteria, remove plaque, harmless, massage the gums, prevention of gum disease, maintaining dental health, protect weak gums
    • How to use: before using this product take some massage with finger toothbrush for adaptation for a few days first. After that, apply 1~2cm on toothbrush and softly brush your pet's teeth
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