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    Natural Rubber Spiked Ball & Rubber Round Ring Chew Toy COMBO

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    Natural Rubber Spiked Ball

    • SUPER SAFE NON-TOXIC : Our Rubber Dog Chew Toys are made of hard natural rubber making it 100% safe for your pets.
    • SUPER DURABLE and LONG LASTING. These nearly indestructible dog toys will entertain your dog for hours unlike squeaky or plush toys that get destroyed in minutes.
    • DENTAL CLEANING The spikes or soft grooves on the surface helps in cleaning and massaging the gums hence controlling plaque and tartar build up.
    • GREAT FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT Every dog loves to play with his human parent and have fun together and our rubber chew dog toys facilitate the same . These toys can be used for both indoor or outdoor playing or training. Satisfying dogs instinctual needs and strengthening the bond between dog and owner
    • HELPS REDUCE ANXIETY IN DOGS AND STOPS THEM FROM CHEWING ON FURNITURE & PERSONAL BELONGINGS Satisfies dogs natural urge to chew as dogs can chew for hours, our Rubber Dog Chew Toys will keep them busy when you are not around and will also provides comfort when they feel nervous. Suitable for small & medium dog breeds only.

    Rubber Round Ring Chew Toy

    • Made of high quality rubber.
    • Good quality chew toy.
    • Helps clean teeth and massage gums.
    • Fun to play with and exercise.
    • Flexible and scented.
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    Natural Rubber Spiked Ball & Rubber Round Ring Chew Toy COMBO

    ₹ 599.00
    ₹ 398.00